WATCH: Levin warns on SCOTUS vacancy “What the Democrats want to do is sabotage this entire process”

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Mark Levin blasted Democrats hoping to stall the filling of the Supreme Court vacancy left by the death of Justice Ginsburg until 2021.

Levin said “It’s a very strange thing, this Democrat Party. First of all, they hate the Constitution because they’ve spent the last several months pulling out statues of the founders and saying that the Constitution was adopted by slaveholders. Then they wave it around to justify the destruction of the Constitution.”

“What the Democrats want to do is sabotage this entire process,” Levin continued.

“We don’t take an oath to the Democrat Party. We don’t take an oath to Chuck Schumer. We didn’t take an oath to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. God bless her. One of the most left-wing, political activist justices in American history, which is why the left is freaking out,” Levin added.