WATCH: Levin slams GOP Senators who backed infrastructure bill “19 Republicans in the Senate chose tyranny”

During a fiery rant on Fox News, Mark Levin slammed the 19 GOP Senators who backed the Democrats infrastructure bill.

“We choose liberty but the 19 Republicans in the Senate chose tyranny. Biden chooses tyranny and every single Democrat lockstep is for tyranny. How many people know what’s in that 2,700 page document that just passed today, with the 19 Republicans?” Levin asked.

He later ranted “These Republican senators — I blame them. They are the Madoffs of the Republican Party. These are McConnell Republicans. They think they’re doing something for the people, they are destroying our currency, they are destroying our finances, they are destroying our economy.”

“Twenty-three percent of this bill was for hard infrastructure. There’s all kinds of junk in this bill and they drag up the — they push up the debt. Every household in America owes the federal government almost a quarter of a billion dollars with this additional infrastructure bill, almost — every household in America,” Levin continued.

“They’ve got all kinds of crucially important things in here. They’re creating a new department that promotes female truck drivers. They have a Digital Equity Act, internet access for prisoners,” Levin added. What else? Federal funding of local projects called Traffic Calming. Ever hear traffic calming and road diets? It is the intentional creation of traffic jams by Buttigieg so you’ll take public transportation. They’ve got all sorts of stuff in here.”