WATCH: Levin eviscerates Democrats still claiming Biden is doing a good job, asks “Who’s running the government?”

During a fiery appearance on Fox news with Sean Hannity, Mark Levin eviscerated Democrats still claiming President Biden is doing a good job.

He then said  “I have another question, who’s running running this government? Joe Biden said to Camp David most of the time, he doesn’t take a single question or make himself available today. It was another huge embarrassment while he’s trashing Republicans, why doesn’t he treat the Taliban the way he is treating Republicans? And we haven’t seen a Vice President of the United States for a week. Who’s running the government? The President? The Vice President? Nobody.”

“As far as General Austin and General Milley are concerned, their departments are leaking to the New York Times “they told Biden this, and Milley told Biden, and Austin told Biden” well then resign,” Levin continued. “Resign, if you think what is going on is so horrible, and you’ve got to role in it, for all history. For all military history. Austin and Milley are going to go down in history as disasters.”

“What happened to those 489 national security advisors in both parties who said vote for Biden against trump? They go down in history, too. Where’s Mattis and Kelly today? I don’t know they are nowhere,” he added.