WATCH: Levin accuses Dems of wanting to brainwash kids with Critical Race Theory

During a recent segment of his show, Mark Levin called Critical Race Theory “Louis Farrakhan dressed up as scholarship” and accused Democrats of wanting to brainwash kids with what he called the “Marxist racist theory.”

“They want to rule over us. That’s what the Democrat Party is all about,” Levin said. “That’s an insurrection. That is an insurrection that undermines our constitutional system and our revolution. What else are they doing? Their teachers’ unions — don’t get me wrong here. The teachers union of the Democratic Party are tied at the hip. Their teachers’ unions are at war with our children. They are using our children as pawns. They are using them to threaten us if we don’t give them what they want; the teachers’ unions are pushing Critical Race Theory, a Marxist racist theory on our kids, brainwashing them day in and day out.”

“One hundred and thirty billion dollars to assist school districts with the COVID pandemic, right? $130 billion.  In Chicago, they won’t go to school. In Maryland, they won’t go to school, and other parts of the blue state America, they won’t go to school,” he continued. “Much of the money being used to what? To push indoctrination, to push Marxism and Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theory is Louis Farrakhan dressed up as scholarship. It is racism. It is segregation.”

“It is the death knell of this country, this magnificent, wonderful country that believes in individuals, that any individual can succeed who dares to work and try,” Levin added.