WATCH: Levin accuses Biden of “flat-out lies,” having no principles and saying “hateful things” about people who simply disagree with him

In a fiery monologue, Mark Levin accused President Biden of being dishonest, having no principles and saying “hateful things” about people who simply disagree with him.

Levin said “Let’s talk some turkey about the man in Oval Office, Joe Biden. Joe Biden has been saying many, many hateful things about many people simply because they disagree with him. Joe Biden has been saying things that are, frankly, flat-out lies. He has been dishonest about the way he has approached his policies. This is par for the course for Joe Biden. Joe Biden served in the Senate almost a half-century. And everybody who served with him who is objective and honest knows that Joe Biden does not have … a principle bone in his body. He is a chameleon.”

“On top of that if you look at the early part of his life, he was a cheat and a plagiarist,” Levin continued “When he wanted to be President of the United States, the first and second time around, he stole word for word from a speech of Neil Kinnock … then the Labor Party head. He stole language from the late Robert Kennedy. He is absolutely shameless about the things he says and does. And it’s not because he is a smart man. He is actually quite a dumb man. It’s all about power and Joe Biden for Joe Biden. It’s all about promoting Joe Biden.”

“The other week he met with a bunch of historians, and he wanted to know how could he be bigger than Franklin Roosevelt and LBJ and Barack Obama. And so he has lurched hard left, whereas before he was not hard left. And he will do whatever he has to do — beat his chest, pat himself on the back, make claims about inventing vaccines and distributing them, whatever it takes to promote Joe Biden and his legacy,” he added.