WATCH: Law Enforcement Won’t Budge as Protester Chants, Beats Drum

In a video tweeted by Arielle Zionts, law enforcement stand tall and won’t budge as a protester beats a drum and chants.

Protesters gathered and formed a blockade on the road to Mount Rushmore. They parked vans and disabled the wheels.

Zionts writes “The vehicles are being towed. I personallly witnessed one PCSO deputy pepper spray protesters. Another reporter said she saw 3-4 deputies do it. 10+ protesters got sprayed and had to wash their eyes out.”

From earlier:

Still no action. Protesters are chanting and yelling things. Some people with fireworks tickets who can’t get in are out of their cars and watching what’s happening. An Indigenous female protester is having a peaceful conversation/debate with a white female Trump supporter.

Protesters have blocked the road with vans. Law enforcement and Trump supporters are here. Law enforcement keeping the groups apart.