“The jury reached the correct verdict” Kyle Rittenhouse speaks out after verdict in preview clip of Tucker Carlson special

Tucker Carlson has shared a trailer that includes video clips of a new documentary special where he interviews Kyle Rittenhouse. In the video, the reporter asks Kyle “You have dreams about what happened?”

“Every single night. It’s quite scary,” he responds “actually, because the dreams feel so real, and they’re not the same at all, they’re all different. They’re the different scenarios that run through your head, what could have happened? I’m alive, but what could have happened? Like, what if I wasn’t alive, or what if I did let Mr. Rosenbaum steal my gun. It’s those type of dreams of the outcome, it’s bad, but almost every outcome is me getting seriously injured or hurt, or dead. Those are just the dreams I have on a daily basis.”

Rittenhouse later says “The jury reached the correct verdict. Self-defense is not illegal. And, I believe they came to the correct verdict. And I’m glad that everything went well. It’s been a rough journey, but we made it through it, we made it through the hard part.”