WATCH: Klobuchar defends Trump impeachment trial, claims he “sent an angry mob down the mall to invade the Capitol”

Appearing on “This Week,” Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) predicted “more and more evidence” would prove former president Trump guilty of the charges against him.

Klobuchar said “as if it’s not enough that he sent an angry mob down the mall to invade the Capitol, didn’t try to stop it, and a police officer was killed.”

“I don’t really know what else you need to know,” she continued. “The facts were there. We saw it right there on the platform during the inauguration as you can still see the spray paint at the bottom of many of the columns.”

Klobuchar then said even if the Senate can not drum up the 67 votes needed for conviction of Trump, there are “many options” to punish Trump by other means, such as censure.