WATCH: Klobuchar Accuses Trump of turning briefings “into a propaganda piece about himself when people are dying”

Appearing on CNN, Senator Amy Klobuchar accused President Trump of turning Coronavirus briefings “into a propaganda piece about himself.”

This was the video Trump played that led to many on the left accusing him of “propaganda.”


Anderson Cooper:

Do you watch the coronavirus — what are supposed to be the coronavirus task force briefings which have been hijacked by the president who will often speak for as long as he wants, often an hour or more, before hearing from scientists?

Amy Klobuchar:

I’ve tried to watch them many times and especially when we have the scientists or Dr. Fauci speaking about the facts That is helpful but so many times you get so angry when the president turned it into himself.

He turns it into a propaganda piece about himself when people are dying, when Wisconsin voters are standing in line with masks and garbage bags over themselves when you have got people all over this country wanting to stand at the bedside of their loved ones and nurses and doctors going to work not knowing if they’ll get the disease or not because they don’t have the right equipment.

No, I don’t want to see propaganda about him or him getting mad at the media or get mad at some small slight that he hated during the day. That is not what leadership is about. I think Andrew Cuomo said it best when he said if you’re mad about what we’re doing right now, call me. It is on me.

He understood as so many of the governors do that the buck stops here. The buck stops here. That was Harry Truman’s saying, and this president said the buck stops anywhere but here. At the Republican convention, he is the one that said I alone can fix this.


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