WATCH: Kinzinger accuses McCarthy of ignoring his warnings, resurrecting Trump “back to life”

In a recent tweet and appearance, anti-Trump Republican Adam Kinzinger accused GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy of ignoring his warnings and resurrecting Trump back to life.

Kinzinger tweeted Monday ‘A few days before Jan 6, our GOP members had a conference call. I told Kevin that his words and our party’s actions would lead to violence on January 6th. Kevin dismissively responded with “ok Adam, operator next question.” And we got violence.’

He also said while on CSPAN “I said ‘Kevin [McCarthy], with all this BS we’re saying … I am really concerned about violence on January 6.’ The response I got was basically that cricket sound …”

Appearing on CBS, Kinzinger said “Donald Trump was out of power after January 6, and then Kevin McCarthy went down, probably with Scalise, and went down and put the paddles on him, and resurrected him back to life.”