WATCH: Kimberly Klacik on her attempt to flip a blue Maryland district “I think our chances are getting better every single day”

Appearing on Fox News, Republican Kimberly Klacik discussed her endorsement from President Trump and chances for winning her race for the 7th congressional district in Maryland, a traditionally safe blue district.

Asked “What are your chance?” Klacik responded “Thanks so much for having me John, I would be the first Republican and the first woman also. I think our chances are getting better every single day, honestly.”

She continued “We have a team out there canvassing five days a week, we’ve got people registering voters 2 days a week and we’re seeing a lot of momentum these past, I would say few weeks especially since the President’s endorsement.

“There’s a lot of people now talking about our race.” Klacik added.


Kimberly Klacik rose to national prominence when her campaign ad went viral and was shared by President Trump.


The profile of the budding Republican star only grew as she also spoke at the RNC.