WATCH: Kenosha Rioters Use Baseball Bats to Smash Street Lights and Cars

Kenosha rioters used baseball bats to smash street lights, crosswalk signals and used cars Monday night.


“Car-smashing spree in downtown Kenosha tonight ”

“Used car lot pillaged as rioters break inside and smash windows of vehicles parked in front #KenoshaRiots “

“The moment things escalated – While it was already a long and intense afternoon of protests prior, the merging of these two groups outside the courthouse created one massive crowd that put police on edge (Part 1/2) 

Within a minute of the crowds merging, glass bottles and other projectiles are thrown at police, prompting teargas dispersals that sent them through the business districts (Part 2/2)”

“Dump truck set ablaze outside the courthouse, one of many that got incinerated tonight #Kenosha #KenoshaRiots #KenoshaProtests”