WATCH: Kellyanne fires back at Biden demand she resign “Biden’s reckless actions resulted in the deaths of 13 service members. That’s why I think he should resign”

Appearing on Fox News, Kelllyanne Conway fired back at Biden’s demand she resign from her position on the U.S. Air Force Academy board.

“Look, I’m not sure that that’s legal, but it certainly is low class and let me just explain very quickly what these positions are. We’re uncompensated volunteers. We are appointed for three years by a president — in this case, President Trump,” Kellyanne said.”

“You know, President Trump asked me what I wanted to do. Did I want any of these appointments? You have the Kennedy Center, the Fulbright Scholarship, you have the Holocaust Museum, you have — and I said I want the service academy, and I’ll tell you why,” she conitnued.

“I have military, military spouses, and veterans in my policy portfolio all four years, and I met so many people along the way and were so impressed with some of the policies. Working for a president, Sean, that had for two consecutive budgets where we invested over $700 billion each time in our great active military, equipping them with what they needed, and were generously resourcing them, in addition to everything that he did for veterans,” Conway added.