WATCH: Kellyanne Demands Schiff Resign Following Mueller Report Release!

During an interview on Thursday, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway admonished Democrat congressman Adam Schiff in the wake of the Mueller report’s having cleared President Trump of collusion and obstruction allegations.

Conway demanded Schiff, one of the most vocal propagators of the narrative that Trump had colluded with Russia during the 2016 election, to resign from his position as House Intelligence Committee Chairman.

“Not only should he resign, he should produce the evidence that he said he has,” Conway said of Schiff, who recently claimed “significant evidence of collusion” were uncovered by special counsel Robert Mueller during his investigation.

“If [Schiff] has evidence of collusion, that somehow the special counsel couldn’t find over 22 months and $35 million of our money, I want Adam Schiff to produce that,” said Conway, adding, “He ought to put up or shut up.”

Additionally, Conway went on to describe the Mueller investigation as a “political proctology exam,” which she said resulted in a “clean bill of health” for President Trump.

A petition demanding Schiff step down has hundreds of signatures.

You can read and sign the petition here. 

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