WATCH: Kayleigh reacts to Biden dismal poll numbers “I was stunned when I saw that and had to double-check the numbers”

Appearing on Fox News, Kayleigh McEnany reacted to President Biden’s dismal poll numbers.

“He gave his inauguration speech and used some version of the word ‘unity’ like half a dozen times,” Kayleigh said. “This is the most divisive president I have seen in the last two decades, especially when you look at the numbers. When you drill down into them, that Quinnipiac poll, the left-wing poll, he’s decided to pivot to division. I agree with Douglas Murray – that speech that he gave was one of the most divisive I have heard. … This is division, division, division and Americans are noticing it, because when Quinnipiac asked, ‘Is he uniting us or dividing us?’ 49% said dividing, 42% said unifying.”

So Americans are recognizing the strategy, and I hope the administration is recognizing the five-alarm fire they have on their hands. With Quinnipiac … showing 33% approval. I was stunned when I saw that and had to double-check the numbers. That’s a five-alarm fire. It’s going to invite primary challengers and probably more than one, if I had to guess.,” she added.