WATCH: Kasich Claims Biden is “a person that can pull us together”

Friday on “The View” former Ohio Governor explained to Meghan McCain why he’s confident in voting for Biden despite the fact Biden is a Democrat.

Meghan McCain asked “You’re pro-life, and I know that. You were pro-life in politics, as am I. It’s a big part of who I am and my platform, and I don’t think taxpayers should be funding abortions for women who are as pregnant as I am right now. How would you push back against a voter like me who’s concerned about things like this in a possible Biden-Harris administration?”

Kasich replied “The issues here are dwarfed, in my opinion, by the fact that he’s a person that can pull us together.”

He continued “So do I think that if we wins, that all of a sudden all these things are going to happen that are negative? No, I don’t believe that at all because that’s not his character.”

Kasich later got personal and said to McCain “I hope this is appropriate for me to say. As you know, your father and Joe were great friends. Why? Not because they agreed on everything, but they could find common ground. So do I think we’re going to end up in some cataclysmic place if he wins? I don’t, but I do believe four more years of this division is wrecking the very soul of our country, and we continue down this path, I don’t know how we come back.”

He added “Franklin Roosevelt, Lincoln himself called on the power of God to help the American people to overcome crises. That is part of how we’re going to overcome this division, with the inspiration from our creator animating individuals to wake up to what’s happening in this country.”