WATCH: Kamala’s husband claims her border visit is “not driven by any political issues or political pressure”

Appearing on NBC News, Kamala Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff defended his wife’s scheduled border visit and claimed she  is “probably” has been treated differently because she is a woman of color.

Asked if she’s being treated differently as the first woman of color elected VP, Emhoff replied “Probably, but so what? She has faced challenges as a groundbreaker her whole career. When you’re breaking barriers, there’s breaking involved, and breaking means you might get cut sometimes, but that’s OK. It’s worth it because she’s leaving a path for others.”

Asked about former President Trump’s claim that Harris is only finally visiting the border because he is scheduled to visit himself just a few days later, Emhoff said  “Look, Kamala Harris is not driven by any political issues or political pressure,” he continued. “She’s really just doing what the right thing is to do for this very important job that the president entrusted her with.”