WATCH: Kamala Harris Immediately Uses Shootings to Push Gun Control

Speaking quickly after the two horrific shootings that occurred within a 24-hour time period in Texas and Oregon, Democrat Senator and 2020 presidential hopeful Kamala Harris wasted no time in capitalizing on the tragedy to bolster her campaign efforts.

Harris, a staunch proponent of gun control, stressed the urge for sweeping regulations, touting her own plans to use executive action to address the issue, should she defeat President Trump in the upcoming election.

Discussing gun control, Harris stated, “the reality is that we are not without hope on this issue,” adding,  “leaders got to lead.”

Harris went on to attack President Trump, implying he and his administration are to blame for the killings, echoing similar sentiments from her Democrat competitors.

Social media responses proved that Harris’ attempts to portray herself as a crusader against gun violence did not convince everyone.