WATCH: Kamala Harris, Gillibrand Refuse to Stand For 4th Grader Receiving Scholarship

During his State of the Union address last night, President Trump invited Janiyah Davis, a fourth-grader from Philadelphia, and her mother, Stephanie, to be among the guests in Melania Trump’s box in the House chamber.

Introducing them, the president explained that Stephanie Davis was a single mom who was unable to send her daughter to the school she wanted to attend because Pennsylvania’s Democratic governor vetoed a bill focused on school choice.

He then informed Janiyah that a scholarship “has become available” and she would be able to go to “the school of your choice.” A surprised Janiyah embraced her mother.

Social media users were quick to notice while Republicans were nearly all on their feet clapping loudly, several Democrats refused to stand, among them 2020 candidate Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand.

To her credit, Democrat Senator Krysten Sinema stood and applauded.

WATCH: (Scroll to 4:22 for Democrats not standing)

Steve Guest tweeted:

Another stunning but unsurprising moment from Democrats during the .

Democrats remain seated as President Trump awards an “opportunity scholarship” to 4th grader

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