WATCH: Kamala Harris Boasts as POTUS She’d Take “Executive Action” to Ban Guns

Recently, Democrat Senator and 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris unveiled her plans to introduce new gun control measures, vowing to give Congress 100 days to implement new legislation, threatening to “take executive action” should they fail.

Harris, who is struggling to stand out in a crowded pool of 2020 Democrat hopefuls, has focused on gun control while attempting to boost her appeal to liberal voters.

During a recent CNN town hall event, Harris touted her ideas to combat gun-related crime, including sweeping regulations and bans.

Harris’ remarks on gun control did not sit well with conservatives, who took to social media to admonish the California Senator for what many said was an attack on the Second Amendment.

Others, including Donald Trump Junior, pointed out that while Harris frequently defends the civil rights of terrorists and murderers, her attitude towards defending Constitutional rights of American citizens stands in stark contrast.