WATCH: Kamala Harris Among Crowd of Protesters in DC

Senator Kamala Harris, who many consider a frontrunner to be Joe Biden’s running mate, tweeted a video of herself among the protesters in DC.

In the video, Harris is wearing a mask and claps her hands as the crowd chants “Hands up. Don’t shoot.”

In her tweet, Harris writes “People are in pain. We must listen.”

In an earlier tweet, Kamala Harris writes “The occupant of the White House is once again inciting violence. Don’t listen to him.”

While Harris’ clip showed protesters demonstrating peacefully in DC, chaos has erupted as well as violence and looting as well.

Caleb Hull tweeted a video of rioters clashing with police near the White House.


Hull wrote “I’m live outside the White House. Things are getting insane as flash bangs go off, fireworks, and tear gas.”