WATCH: Jussie Smollett Breaks Silence in New Interview “Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I’m so angry”

Disgraced actor Jussie Smollett maintained his innocence in a new interview ahead of a court appearance.

Speaking with Marc Lamont Hill, the former “Empire” cast member said “It’s been beyond frustrating, and I certainly am not going rogue.”

He continued “I’m still taking the advice of my attorneys and everything like that, but I don’t really see, honestly, what staying quiet has really done, like, where it has gotten me. … It’s so much bigger than me.”

Answering questions about how he is feeling, Smollett said “Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I’m so angry. Other times I wake up and if I squint really hard, I can see the silver lining. The one thing I always wake up no matter how I feel is that this is an opportunity to have a real conservation in our own communities about truth.”

He added “The thing that really gets me is the fact that there are black and brown women and men behind bars for things they did not do. I am certainly well informed about the plight of us. What happened in these last two years, it has humbled me in a way that nobody could possibly understand.”