WATCH: Judge Jeanine says “the Deep State” was “determined to destroy” Trump and “prop up Joe Biden”

In a fiery opening statement, Judge Jeanine said the “mainstream media, Big Tech and the Democratic Party” was “determined to destroy President Trump and get him out of office and prop up Joe Biden”

“The Deep State controlled the flow of information, the bad and the ugly about the Biden’s as they made-up information, bad and ugly about the Trump’s,” Jeanine said “They not only hid the dirt that many of us were telling you about the Biden crime family, disgusting, ugly and treasonous. They made up lies and breathed never-ending life into them to destroy a President fighting for us.”

She continued “while the Biden’s were on sale internationally to the highest bidder, including China, we now know Hunter is being investigated not only for taxes, but substantive crimes like money laundering, fraud and racketeering. This investigation also involves Joe’s brother James, in reportedly a deeply immense international ongoing criminal investigation.”

“To of Hunter’s former partners have already been convicted of fraud and securities crimes, one already in jail. But the Deep State, Big Tech and the Democrats and the mainstream media decided that you shouldn’t hear about any of this. Certainly, not before the election,” she added.


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