WATCH: Judge Jeanine and Juan get in heated argument over Goya boycott due to Trump praise

During a segment of “The Five” discussing “cancel culture” Judge Jeanine and Juan Williams got in a heated discussion over Goya being boycotted by some on the left due to the CEO praising President Trump.

Judge Jeanine:

Juan I want to end this with you.

In terms of the left is so focused on trashing people on the right that they don’t care that the people that they presume to be on the right are helping poor people, hungry people, helping immigrants.

Their hate is so dug in. I mean are you comfortable with this? The right doesn’t do this to Obama and trust me a lot of people on the right didn’t like Obama. 

But this is like cancel them out, boycott them, make them lose their jobs. Aren’t you uncomfortable with that?