WATCH: Juan Admits Trump SOTU Showed “Compassion,” Spoke Directly to Minority America

Fox News’ Juan Williams who is very much an anti-Trump liberal, admitted that Trump’s SOTU speech was more effective than the Democrat spin masters may want the public to believe.

Williams says Trump showed “compassion” and that it spoke “quite directly” to “minority America.”


Per TCO, while announcing the results of his focus group that watched and judged President Trump’s State of the Union speech, Frank Luntz revealed that 2 undecided voters went to Trump after the speech was done.

Frank Luntz:

Even though the coverage is overhyped, over-caffeinated. So if you are a left-leaning newspaper. Donald Trump this morning, everybody hated the speech. If you are a right-leaning newspaper it’s a brilliant speech.

Our group actually thought Donald Trump was not inappropriate. They did not think he was overly partisan. They thought it was a campaign speech for 2020 which obviously it was. But i’m afraid that the people that report the news are actually missing what the voters themselves are saying…

We had two undecided voters. They moved toward Trump after this speech was done.



Supporting Frank Luntz’s findings, a new CBS poll reveals independent voters overwhelmingly approve of President Trump’s State of the Union speech.

97% of Republicans also approved and even 30% of Democrats.

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