Joy Reid mocks GOP Senator’s comparison between Capitol Rioters and BLM rally violence

During a recent segment of her show, MSNBC’s Joy Reid rejected comparisons between U.S. Capitol rioters and BLM

“I want you to listen to congressman Roy Blunt,” Reid says. “This is apparently what we’re in for tomorrow. It’s a graphic, sorry. Well, you know, he’s going to say we had a summer where all people all over the country were doing similar kinds of things.”

“I don’t know what the other side will show from Seattle and Portland and other places, but you will see similar tragedies there as well,” she continues “Basically what they’ll do is they’ll try to say that Black Lives Matter rallies where at some point at night somebody threw a molotov cocktail at a police car is exactly the same thing and now I know from my team here, can you guys get me the video of Black Lives Matter storming capitols?”

“Just get me the video right now of Black Lives Matter storming capitols. Oh, I’m sorry, that doesn’t exist! There isn’t any of that!” she added mockingly.