WATCH: Joy Reid fumes over “evil” McConnell’s suggestion he could block a future SCOTUS nominee if GOP wins back Senate

MSNBC’s Joy Reid was not pleased with Mitch McConnell’s suggestion he could block a future Biden SCOTUS nominee if Republicans win back the Senate, depending on the scenario.

“Today, Mitch McConnell made something explicitly clear: A GOP-controlled Senate would never again confirm a Democratic Supreme Court nominee,” Reid said. “In other words, if they regain the majority, they plan to pack the court with conservative justices in perpetuity.”

“What McConnell is doing is undemocratic. The Bible might even call it wickedness in high places, AKA evil,” Reid continued after playing a clip of McConnell on the Hugh Hewitt show. “What he’s also doing is glibly taunting Democrats, daring them to do something, anything.”