WATCH: Joy Reid fumes at Tucker Carlson “The Race Lady. Why would he call me that?”

MSNBC Joy Reid fired back at Fox News host Tucker Carlson for mocking her and calling her “the race lady.”

“The Race Lady. Why would he call me that? I used to run track in high school but obviously, I am not that fast. So what else could it be? Hmm. What else?” Reid asked.

“Oh, honey. Honey. Tuckums, is this really about me fixating on race or is it about you fixating on race?” she continued.

“When you recently went off on me for continuing to mask up post-vaccine while jogging in crowded Central Park, you weirdly – as you did in that montage – threw in my time at Harvard. Now, I don’t know, maybe I’m sensitive to this kind of stuff but it felt kind of like a dog whistle,” Reid added.

“People like you and your friends in the B.S. factory are keeping us steeped in the Covid sickness, and rage, and paranoia,” she claimed. “And the ways that you, Little Tucker, are making America worse are why I will continue to wear my mask on in a crowd. And we’ll have more on your endless Covid hell that the Tuckers of our country, who by the way are the absolute worst, are helping to create.”