WATCH: Joy Reid Argues Women are Punished for Ambition, Must “Insist” on a Female President

Appearing on “The Last Word” MSNBC’s Joy Reid argued that women are still punished for their ambitions and must “insist” on a woman President to get one.

Joy Reid:

What I would say to women is that you’ve probably been voting for flawed male candidates your whole life. I always say the hungriest constituency wins, right?

Hillary Clinton couldn’t even win a majority of her sisters. And so, the reality is, when women get good and ready to have a woman president, they will insist on it.

They won’t care if the person isn’t perfect. They won’t demand that they tell them what moisturizer they use. They will insist on it. Black voters insisted on it in 2008.

They saw somebody viable and they said, we’re going to get this. Be the hungriest constituency. And you can have a progressive candidate.

You had somebody who would give you all of what you were offered by Bernie Sanders in a woman who said she actually had a plan to get it enacted. Women had it in their grasp and let it go, and I think next time, women should just do differently.


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