WATCH: Joy Behar Says She Needs to Go Drink to Cope With Trump “Winning”

During a somber segment of “the view” virulent anti-Trump host Joy Behar said she needed to drink and get a massage because seeing Trump winning is making her “crazy” and “nuttier and nuttier.”

Behar also compared Trump to O.J. Simpson, insisting “acquitted doesn’t mean you didn’t commit a crime,” Behar argued, then comparing Trump to O.J. Simpson.

Joy Behar:

I’m crazy today. I’m crazy today. He’s made me crazy this week. I mean, I’m really getting — he’s winning, because I’m getting nuttier and nuttier.

This weekend, I’m not watching the news. I’m not go– I’m turning it off

I’m going to get a massage and I’m going to … drink.

Not the best message to give to the young folks, watching Joy.


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