WATCH: Joy Behar on Retirement Rumors “I’m not leaving…this pandemic has changed the game”

Thursday on the View, Joy Behar pushed back on retirement rumors. 

Variety had written “After 21 seasons, Joy Behar has set an exit date from “The View.”

Behar, 77, would like to retire as the resident liberal on the ABC daytime talk show after her contract ends in the summer of 2022.”

Behar acknowledged she may have been pondering retirement but said “This pandemic has changed the game.”

Whoopi Goldberg:

Welcome. Let’s start with some housekeeping items. Joy, what is this that I keep reading about you once again leaving the show?

Joy Behar:

You know, they’re always talking about me leaving the show, but I’m not – I’m not leaving the show. The rumors of my retirement have been greatly exaggerated.

You know here’s the thing, what am I going to do? This pandemic has changed the game. At one point, you think, gee, I could retire and take a cruise around the world. I won’t even watch reruns of ‘Love Boat’ at this point, so where am I going to go? What will I do? I need to be on television.

Also, let’s not forget I provide employment for right-wing media. I mean, I am a job creator over at Breitbart. Everything I say appears on Breitbart.

Meghan McCain:

So funny. When I read it online yesterday, I just called Joy immediately, and I was, like, so this isn’t an option. You’re not leaving. I’m not leaving. None of us are leaving. There’s a pandemic and an election, and the world is insane. Also, I’m pregnant, and I need advice from you about being pregnant from someone that probably does pregnancy similar to how I’m going to do it. So it’s not an option, Joy. You’re not leaving. None of us are going to let you go.

Joy Behar:

All right, all right, all right. The answer is no, I’m going nowhere.