WATCH: Joy Behar calls for Trump to be on trial for “Crimes against Humanity”

Thursday, Joy Behar called for Trump to be put on trial for “crimes against humanity” at the Hague.

“Last night, the thing that stood out for me was Joe Biden talking about those kids at the border,” Behar said.

“I mean, is this the country we want? What kind of country do we want? Do you know that the youngest child that was separated at the border was 4 months old? That child is going to be traumatized. This is an emotional disaster that these people have put on us. I, as an American, disavow all of it. I disavow this entire administration,” she continued.

“Stephen Miller, Rod Rosenstein, Jeff Sessions, and Donald Trump need to be brought up on charges of crimes against humanity at the Hague. This is a crime against humanity,” she added.