WATCH: Josh Gad Uses Oscars Appearance to Jab “Climate Change Deniers”

Within 10 seconds of his brief appearance at the 2020 Oscars, actor Josh Gad used his appearance to take a jab at “Climate Deniers.”

Josh Gad:

Animated movies are loved everywhere. In fact, Frozen 2, or as climate change deniers call it, Not Frozen 2, has been dubbed in 45 different languages, which means I know have 45 blood rivals around the world. These dubbed versions provide kids and adults everywhere their own special connection to the story and its characters which means there are so many great versions of Elsa. For instance, Canadian Elsa is basically the same, but with health care.

Gad is known for his anti-Trump views, having tweeted:

I’m not heartbroken by our President’s recklessness, hypocracy, vitriol, demonization of norms, attack on civil liberties or his predadorty treatment of women, because that’s what he ran on. I’m heartbroken by all who continue to support him knowing what he is.


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