WATCH: Jordan and Meadows Respond to Schiff’s Claim He Has “No Regrets” on Impeachment

Appearing on Fox and Friends, Republican Reps. Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, members of President Trump’s defense team got a good laugh at lead impeachment manager Adam Schiff’s expense for his claim he has “no regrets” on the impeachment trial.

Brian Kilmeade:

He says he has no regrets. If I was giving him sodium pentothal, what would he actually say, Jim?

(Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows laugh)

Jim Jordan:

No he doesn’t believe it because remember he’s the one that told us that we look forward to hearing from the whistleblower.

He’s the one who told us he had no contact with the whistleblower.

How many times has Adam Schiff misled the American people in this 4 month ordeal that our country’s had to live through, so he can say what he wants but the American people see it for what it is. 


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