WATCH: Jon Voight says teachers in Americans are blindly following liberal ideals to protect their career

Appearing with Tucker Carlson, legendary actor Jon Voight warned he believes teachers in America are blindly following liberal ideals to protect their careers.

“The teachers — there are no great teachers it seems anymore. There are, but boy, they’re few and far between, the ones that are able to stand up to what’s going on in our colleges,” Voight told Tucker.

“I know enough to know that this didn’t happen accidentally,” he continued. “It didn’t happen because a lot of people just got dulled. It happened because there were forces that wanted to propagandize, wanted to bring us around, wanted to attack America.”

“We have freedoms in this country — freedom of speech, our First Amendment, freedom of speech,” Voight added.. “We have freedom. We allow everyone to talk. We allow everyone to be interviewed. We allow everybody to go into our schools and talk to our kids. And that’s a wonderful thing up to a point.”

“But if somebody wants to take advantage of us…the KGB and Russia at that time, and now China…I mean, it’s an open door. So we’re suffering all of that now. And it’s very, very important for people to educate themselves, to be brave enough to learn the truth, and then to speak up,” he ocncluded.