WATCH: Jon Voight FIRES BACK at Alyssa Milano “Ignorance Doesn’t Scare Me”

During a recent interview, conservative actor Jon Voight was read a quote from fellow actor-turned-activist Alyssa Milano, who condemned him for his support of President Trump.

Milano, an outspoken left-wing activist known for her vocal criticism of Trump and his supporters, called Voight a “has-been” and an “F-Lister,” in a typical display of how openly conservative celebrities have come be be treated by their colleagues.

Voight’s response was all class, “I have sympathy for people that, [who] are in ignorance, it doesn’t scare me.”

“Ignorance doesn’t scare me,” Voight said, explaining, “I was like that myself. I just root for everybody to come to the truth,” discussing his past views as a liberal.