WATCH: John Oliver says “In Portland, protests have been mostly peaceful”

During a recent segment, host John Oliver claimed that the Portland protests have been “mostly peaceful.”

John Oliver:

The protests in Portland have actually been going on daily for nearly two months now, since the killing of George Floyd.

But the deployment of federal agents was a sharp escalation of questionable legality, and yet, to hear the president tell it, he had no choice and it was a terrific idea.”

In Portland, protests have been mostly peaceful there, which is not to say that there haven’t been some isolated chaotic incidents.

Although, those situations have not been helped by the fact that the local police force, under the leadership of ted wheeler, incidentally have routinely overreacted using things like tear gas, to the point where wheeler actually became known as tear gas teddy.


Per Forbes, The White House said Friday three federal agents have likely been permanently blinded by rioters pointing lasers “directly at their eyes” amid increasingly tense standoffs in Portland, Oregon, which have led to injuries on both sides.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnancy recently reported “a federal agent’s hand was impaled by planted nails, another federal agent was shot by a pellet gun leaving a wound deep to the bone and tragically three federal officers were likely left permanently blinded by the rioters.”

McEnany also recently showed footage during a White House Press Conference showing clips of Portland chaos being anything but “peaceful.”