WATCH: Joe Scarborough says “obviously, Joe Biden is not senile”

During a recent segment of “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough says  that Joe Biden is “not senile” and suggests President Trump’s attacks on Biden’s mental capacity may be backfiring.

Scarborough asks guest “When you’re talking about seniors and coronavirus, that’s one part of it. But another part, isn’t there polling out that shows that his constant attacks on Joe Biden is senile when, obviously, Joe Biden is not senile, is actually backfiring on Donald Trump as well?”

John Heilemann replies “Among Republican strategists in Florida, if you ask them why is Trump hurting with seniors, they come with two answers. One is COVID, and one is that he’s overplayed his hand in how he attacked Joe Biden as being, you know, like mentally infirm at this point in his life. They think that’s backfired.”

While Biden may not be “senile,” his bloopers and mental gaffes are well known.