WATCH: Joe Biden Wants “Drastic Action” to Address the “Climate Disaster”

Per USAToday, Al Gore on Wednesday endorsed Joe Biden for president, picking Earth Day to formally put his support behind the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Gore announced the endorsement during a climate change virtual town hall hosted by the Biden campaign, calling President Donald Trump “the face of climate denial globally.”

“We need policy changes and that means we need to change some of the policymakers, particularly the one in the White House right now. And that’s why I am so proud to endorse your candidacy, Joe,” Gore told Biden on a split screen.

Gore, who narrowly lost his Democratic bid for president in 2000, has become one of the world’s leading climate activists over the past two decades, starring in the movie “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2006 and winning the Nobel Peace Price for his efforts one year later.

CNSNews reports former Vice President Joe Biden is saying that “drastic action” needs to be taken “right now to address the climate disaster facing the nation and our world.”

“Nothing gives me more hope for the future than seeing my five grandchildren challenge expectations,” Biden says in a video posted with his climate change plan.

“They see breakthroughs in technology we can’t even yet imagine,” says Biden. “But the only way they are going to get a chance to fulfill all that potential is if we take drastic action right now to address the climate disaster facing the nation and our world.

“More severe storms and droughts, rising sea levels, warming temperatures, shrinking snow cover and ice sheets—it’s already happening,” says Biden.

Biden then says that the science indicates “the next twelve years” are crucial to fighting climate change.

“And science tells us that how we act or fail to act in the next twelve years will determine the very livability of our planet,” says Biden.