WATCH: Joaquin Castro Tries to Talk His Way Out of Why He Targeted Trump Donors

After a firestorm of backlash, Rep. Joaquin Castro appeared on Morning Joe in an attempt to explain why he published a list of Trump donors.

The move has infuriated Republicans, who believe Castro aimed to shame the donors in an attempt to intimidate them.

Castro claimed his post was a “lament.”

He also claimed that no private address of phone #s were published, though their employers WERE published and anyone could look up the address to their employers.


A petition calling for Joaquin Castro to be impeached has been started.

You can read and sign the petition here. 

Many were not buying Castro’s explanation.

What you did is legally fine and within the bounds of radical partisanship I guess. But you called out by name YOUR OWN CONSTITUENTS, who do not live in the public sphere, for a mass shaming over a political disagreement. Violates the entire premise of a representative system

That’s not the issue. It’s the purposefully naming them to shame them. Yes anyone can look up the names on the FEC website but the average person won’t.