WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel on Trump “This from a man who refuses to even liberate Melania!”

DailyBeast reports as the coronavirus shutdown wears on, “people are getting restless,” Jimmy Kimmel said Monday night. “Especially the people who aren’t too bright.”

When the late-night host saw the hashtag #FloridaMorons trending over the weekend he thought, “that could mean a lot of things.”

Specifically, people all over the country were outraged that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had decided to reopen several beaches. “Fortunately there are no old people living in Florida who might be at risk,” Kimmel joked.

This brought the host to the many “stay-at-home” protests across the country, which have been explicitly encouraged by President Donald Trump.

“Despite everyone who works for him telling people to stay at home, despite the official White House mandate being ‘shelter-in-place,’ over the weekend, the guy who runs the White House tweeted, ‘Liberate Michigan,’ ‘Liberate Minnesota’ and ‘Liberate Virginia,’” he said. “This from a man who refuses to even liberate Melania!”