WATCH: Jim Jordan argues Biden caused migration surge by ending Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy, signaling no finish to the border wall

Appearing on Fox News, Rep. Jim Jordan argued that President Biden is to blame for the migration surge due to his policies signaling a sharp shift from Trump’s more hawkish tone.

“The ‘remain-in-Mexico’ policy they undid,” Jordan said. “They announced to the world that we’re not going to finish the wall and they announced to the world that we’re not going to deport anyone.”

“When you do that, everyone starts coming,” he added, calling the border crisis “a huge problem and something that just frankly has to change.”

“But the only way it can change, to get back to some kind of control of the border, is to go back to President Trump’s policies, something I don’t think the Biden administration is willing to do. I wish they would though,”  he concluded.