WATCH: Jill Biden Says She No Longer Counts Lindsey Graham as a Family Friend

Appearing on CNN’s “New Day” Jill Biden, wife of Joe Biden revealed she no longer counts Lindsey Graham as a family friend after he said “so many negative things.”

Per NR, Jill Biden said Monday that her family “used to be great friends” with Senator Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.), but that things had “changed” after Graham’s comments about the Biden family’s dealings in Ukraine amid President Trump’s impeachment.

Jill Biden, appearing on CNN’s New Day ahead of the Iowa caucuses, interjected after being asked a question about Graham, “whom I think you count as a friend,” John Berman added.

“We did, yes,” she said, before elaborating.

“I don’t know what happened to Lindsey. And we used to be great friends and friends with John McCain,” she added. “I mean we traveled together with the Foreign Relations Committee. We’ve had dinner. You know, and now he’s changed.”

Jill Biden added that “it’s hard” to still consider Graham a friend after his “hurtful” comments in regard to Joe and Hunter Biden’s dealings in Ukraine.

“It’s hard when you, I don’t know, consider somebody a friend and then they’ve said so many things, so many negative things,” she stated.


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