WATCH: Jill Biden Dismisses Trump’s Attacks on Joe’s Mental Fitness, Says Joe Will be at the 3 Debates

Appearing on Fox News with Dana Perino, Jill Biden dismissed President Trump’s attacks on her husband’s mental fitness and said Joe will be at the 3 scheduled debates.

Responding to speculation from Perino about Joe Biden possibly cancelling debates, Jill responded “Oh yes,” Biden said. “He will. I think it’s three debates that they decided on. Yeah. He’ll be there.”


Per TCO, in a new Op-Ed for the NY Times, Elizabeth Drew argues the Presidential debates, a longstanding tradition should be scrapped.

Drew writes:

Moreover, we didn’t need the debates to tell us that Trump had chosen to be the P.T. Barnum of American politics. For him, it was (and still is) all about the show, about distracting the public from reality. It was obvious that Mr. Trump had no real affinity for the working-class people whose votes he was chasing. Nothing in his life suggested that his heart was with struggling workers and farmers. It wasn’t impossible to know that he wasn’t the skilled businessman he professed to be. His bankruptcies and shady business practices and discrimination against Black tenants were no secret.

The debates took us nowhere nearer the realities about arguably the most disastrous president in our history. They became simply another tool in his arsenal.

Former Bill Clinton advisor and CNN analyst Joe Lockhart also warned:

Trump “will take the truth and destroy it, and Biden will be in the position of correcting him over and over and over again. I don’t think he should give him that platform.”