WATCH: Jill Biden Boasted “We’re gonna win” Iowa Before Joe Got Trounced

Monday prior to her husband Joe Biden getting trounced in the Iowa caucus and coming in a distant 4th place, Jill Biden boasted “we’re gonna win the Iowa caucus.”

Clearly Jill Biden was either lying or overconfident since Joe has instead come in a distant 4th place with roughly 62% in so far.

John Berman:

You’re a big part of the Biden campaign. What does the Biden campaign need out of the Iowa Caucuses tonight?

Jill Biden:

Well, we’re gonna win. We’re gonna win the Iowa Caucuses and then we’re gonna go on and win New Hampshire and Nevada and South Carolina. We’re moving forward

David Axelrod blasted Biden on CNN:

Biden has a big problem. He has a big problem. His campaign manager some time ago said they would be viable in 95 percent of the state. They expected to do much better. … He’s dead broke and he needs to raise money and it’s hard to raise money off an anemic fourth-place finish so he needs to revive himself in New Hampshire or this firewall everyone talks about in South Carolina may just not be there for him.


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