WATCH: Jesse Watters “smart money is on four more years” of Trump

During the latest episode of Watters world, host Jesse Watters praised President Trump and the RNC for putting on a compelling case for his re-election.

Watters went through what he sees as “Trump’s 2020 Vision” which he sees as “splintering China to become a manufacturing superpower, waging a war on crime, tax relief and jobs, winning the race to 5G, reducing drug costs, cyber defense, keeping America out of endless wars, a vaccine, and putting a man on Mars.”

At the end of the segment, Watters boldly predicted that “barring any October surprises smart money is on four more years.”

He added “Just look at the betting markets. See that trend in red? That’s because of you.”


Indeed, per Real Clear Politics, the betting odds have dramatically trended for Trump.