WATCH: Jayapal Defends Repeatedly Interrupting “Hostile Witness” Barr

Appearing on CNN, Rep. Jayapal defended repeatedly interrupting Attorney General Barr, who she called a “hostile witness.”

“Every witness knows that the way to get away from answering questions is to just be very slow in your answers, to thank the Congress members for that excellent question, to not answer, to obfuscate, because you only have five minutes,” Jaypal explained “You have to take control of your time, because if you don’t, the witness will do it.”

Jayapal then referred to Barr as a “hostile witness.”


The Washington Free Beacon compiled a montage of Democrats repeatedly saying they were “reclaiming my time” during their testy interactions with Barr on Tuesday.

On several occasions, Republicans on the Judiciary Committee gave Barr time during their questioning periods to respond to Democratic charges.

Jayapal allowed Barr to speak for less than 60 seconds during their six-minute exchange, and he never spoke longer than 10 seconds without being interrupted by her.