WATCH: ISIS-K commander told CNN before Kabul attack that group was waiting to strike

CNN’s Anderson Cooper tweeted Friday:

Two weeks prior to the attack in Kabul, CNN’s @clarissaward interviewed a senior ISIS-K commander.

At that time the commander told Ward the group was laying low and waiting for a time to strike.

As Ward notes, these were “words that turned out to be eerily prophetic.”


“When the foreigners and people of the world leave Afghanistan, we can restart our operations,” said the ISIS-K commander, who requested that his identity be concealed and was made anonymous.

He told Ward. “We were operating in Taliban’s ranks. However, these people were not aligned with us in terms of belief, so we went to ISIS. If anyone gets along with us on this, he is our brother. Otherwise, we declare war with him whether he is Talib or anyone else.”