WATCH: Iowan in Testy Viral Exchange With Joe Biden Speaks Out

Former Iowa legislator and democrat Ed Fallon is spoke out on this viral testy exchange with Biden occurred last Sunday during a campaign stop at Urban Dreams in Des Moines.



Per GQ, on Tuesday, Biden sparred with an Iowa voter, former state representative Ed Fallon, who asked him about his stance on climate—specifically, he brought up Biden’s claim to be against building pipelines while also calling to replace older pipelines. “We’ve got to stop building and replacing these pipelines,” Fallon said.

“You oughta go vote for someone else,” Biden says, repeatedly pressing on the man’s chest.

Biden’s aides tried to wrap up the interaction there, thanking the man, but Biden wasn’t done, pointing at him and asking, “Are you gonna vote for me in the primary?”

“I’m gonna vote for you in the general if you treat me right,” Fallon says with a laugh.

“You’re asking a picture of me, coming in to tell me you don’t support me, my plan,” Biden says, moving to stand directly face-to-face with Fallon.

“I said I would support you in the general,” Fallon says.

“In the general. I’m running for a primary, a caucus, that’s what I’m running for, okay?”


In December, Biden lost his cool with another voter and ended up challenging him to a push-up contest.


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