WATCH: IL Governor Refuses to Answer Question on Reports His Wife Violated Stay Home Order

Asked by a reporter where the first lady was, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker (D) refused to answer the question, calling it “inappropriate.”


Where’s the first lady? Is she accompanied by a state security detail has she engaged a non-essential travel? What is your response to people who say the state home order and non-essential travel bans aren’t being abided by your family? I believe there’s a report from Illinois Rising Action that says that she recently traveled to Florida.

Per Breitbart while Pritzker finds himself in the middle of a legal battle over his extension of the his lockdown order, extending it until May 30 and promoting his All-in Illinois initiative, his wife is nowhere to be seen, at least in the Prairie State.

According to Patch, first lady M.K. Pritzker is staying at the couple’s $12.1 million estate in Florida, as the governor has largely refrained from mentioning his wife while fielding questions regarding his own well-being:

The governor didn’t mention his wife when reporters asked the billionaire about how he’s doing physically and emotionally under his own stay-at-home order.

“I’ll just say I’m managing through this time reasonably well,” Pritzker said on April 17. “I think there is an emotional component to this that I’ll just not spend a lot of time on.”

While the outlet contends that the governor’s wife has “no obligation to sequester herself in their Astor Street mansion in the Gold Coast when her family can hop on a private plane to stay-at-home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, the family estate in the Bahamas (close to the governor’s off-shore bank accounts) and, of course, their place in the ‘winter equestrian capital of the world’ in Florida,” it admits that the optics are less than ideal, particularly as the governor extends the state’s stay-at-home order and begs residents to abide by his stringent orders to “get through this difficult time”:

But there’s no getting around the ironic, political intrigue of Illinois’ first lady quietly spending time out of the public eye at one of the family vacation homes while so many non-billionaires financially and emotionally struggle under her husband’s newly extended coronavirus stay-at-home order, the second-longest in America.

Certainly there must be a reason that Illinois’ first lady’s coronavirus response has differed from the spouses of other prominent elected officials.